Welcome to Hail Armor!
Welcome to Hail Armor!
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Who needs Hail Armor?
Anyone who doesn't relish the idea of paying a high deductible for a paint & body shop to return your car in anything less than 'like new' condition.  Go ahead and Google it.  Even paintless dent repair (PDR), which is the favorite method shops push for hail dings, provides less than desirable results on a regular occasion.  Don't repair, prepare.
How does it attach to my vehicle?
Similar to boat covers and other top quality auto covers, the cover uses nylon web straps that extend under the car and attach to the opposite side using Velcro and side release buckles.  Placement in the front and rear wheel wells secure both ends of the cover, while the center section uses a crow-foot design to evenly distribute the load and provide three attach points for the center section strap.  Straps for the front and aft end are included and can also be used if necessary.  We recommend deploying the cover and adjusting the fit after receiving to ensure quick deployment when needed.
What tests have been conducted to ensure hail damage protection?
The vast majority of all hail storms produce hail less than ~1.5" in diameter and the large majority of auto damage is incurred by hail stones in the 1"-1.25" diameter range.  A car hood under Hail Armor was repeatedly unscathed when tested at our lab with an air gun shot at terminal velocity using a 1.75 inch diameter hail stone, as well as real world proving in Oklahoma's hail season.  Nothing but a garage can guarantee "no damage" from hail stones of huge size, however, Hail Armor WILL lessen the effect of ALL hail damage and is design-optimized to be 99% effective against 95% of all hail while still being portable, practical, and quick-deployable.  Can you drop a bowling ball from 10 stories?  Probably not.
What are its dimensions folded up, will I have room for other stuff in my trunk?
Sizes are simple Small, Medium, Large; however, Hail Armor is approximately 50" by 13" by 13", easily fitting into even compact car trunks while still leaving room for groceries.  The adjustable strap system ensures a custom, snug fit.
How heavy Is It?
At 25 lbs, it's light enough for the slightest individual to remove from the trunk and easily unfold. It is made of a durable, lightweight closed-cell HDPE foam which provides impact & water resistance and will not soak up water.
How long does it take to set up? 
Hail Armor has been clocked at less than 60 seconds, out of trunk to strapped onto a car!  But that was our pro, most of us can easily install in 2 mins.  We understand that when a storm is on its way, quick deployment is a MUST!  And for everyday use, the ease and quickness of installation ensures it will not become a wadded up mess in the corner of the room like many conventional covers.
What about the velcro straps, will they stand up to thunderstorm winds?
Yes.  The web strapping is the only system that was shown in real-world testing to effectively maintain the cover with an adjustable, custom fit.  Unlike some competitors, wind does not flatten or lessen the cover's effectiveness.
What about the sides?  The cover doesn't extend all the way down the sides?
Hail Armor is designed to protect your car from hail damage while also being practical and stowable.  The horizontal surfaces of the car are almost always what is damaged while the vertical surfaces are left unscathed.  Even in driving winds, the impact force incurred on the vertical sides is magnitudes less and rarely, if ever, damages an autobody.  We examined thousands of hail damaged cars and recorded that on the vast majority of bodies, no damage is incurred below the mid line of the car, which HailArmor covers.  We sized the side flaps to be effective while not adding unnecessary weight or size.  That said, if you still feel better with more coverage, an add-on flap that extends the side flaps through the vertical body section is available.
How durable is it? How long will it last?  What's your warranty?
Hail Armor is designed to last. It is manufactured using RF weld (similar to white water rafts!) and covered in a thin but stylish water & UV resistant PVC coated nylon material that will not rot or mildew.  Still not so sure?  HailArmor is proudly backed by a lifetime limited warranty on workmanship and a 7 Day No Questions Asked guarantee to make you feel better about ordering without first getting your hands on it.  Our warranty will replace or repair the cover, at our discretion, due to any manufacturing defect for 1 year after the product model has been discontinued (this does not include normal wear and tear or misuse and the owner covers the cost of shipping).