Welcome to Hail Armor!
Welcome to Hail Armor!
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Hail Armor in Aerospace!

Hail Armor is in active discussion with a major airline to provide a product to protect sensitive flight control surfaces on commercial airplanes!  

Hail storms wreak havoc on airplanes.  Not just airplanes that inadvertently fly through hail storms at 500+ mph, but planes parked on the tarmac during hail events incur $Millions in damage and lost revenue from down time for repair each year.

Flight control surfaces such as ailerons, tabs, elevators, and spoilers are very sensitive to any damage leading to immediate cancellations for traveling passengers and the associated cost for airlines.  Further to the immediate impact, lengthy evaluations and possible repairs are required for any aircraft even suspected of being subject to a hail event.  The data gathering, analysis, repair, and approval required to return an airplane to surface can take weeks, not to mention the cost of labor and parts.  Airlines are realizing that keeping a 'portable hangar' in the form of Hail Armor covers to prevent damage is much better than the downside of cancellations and repairs.

Hail Armor Covers can be kept on-hand at each gate, ready for quick deployment by ground crews with a moment's notice - preventing both cancellations and repairs.  

Feels good to know Hail Armor is able to provide such support to the flying public.

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